About the Great Himalaya Trail

The Great Himalaya Trail is a combined network of existing trails & treks throughout The Himalayas. The entire trail travels through some of the famous Himalayas countries like Bhutan, Nepal and India. In these countries, it passes through the most beautiful parts of the mountains.

Great Himalaya Trail Nepal

The trail in Nepal starts from the Kanchenjunga region in the East, crossing the entire country to Humla in the West, or vice versa. We offer the possibility for an Upper Trail and a Lower Trail. Hiking the GHT is an everlasting experience, that will change your life forever. The mountains, the people you encounter, and the impressions along the way are considered life-altering. And it will provide you with a truly unforgettable outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

The Upper trail takes you through some of the most famous trekking regions, but also through remote and rugged terrain. The trail crosses regularly high passes of 5000+ meters. (with East Col.) The East Col, with an altitude of 6146 meters in the Makalu region is the highest pass. It will take you in total at least 150 days to finish the entire Upper Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal. And if you finish this trail you have hiked about 1700 kilometers.

The Lower trail takes you often through local villages and is the perfect trail for getting to know Nepali ethnic culture. Crossing the mid-hills the passes are usually around 2000 meters in altitude. The Janga La, with an altitude of 4515 meters in the Dolpo region is the highest pass. The Lower Great Himalaya Trail will take at least 100 days to finish. And if you finished the trail you have hiked about 1500 kilometers.

Our Great Himalaya Trail trekking options

Currently, we can offer various sections of the GHT. For all sections, you require a flexible approach and a good level of physical health and fitness. On request, it is also possible to hike the full length of the trail with us. However, if you are ready to book the entire trail, you need to make sure to book at least six months prior to your departure. Trekking the full length needs a high level of trekking and mountaineering experience. In order to qualify for the trekking of the full Upper Great Himalaya Trail, you need to have an excellent level of fitness, a flexible approach and sufficient persistence.

Whether you hike a part of this legendary trail or the entire trail, some parts of the Upper Great Himalaya Trail can be quite remote, challenging and rugged. Sometimes you cannot even see a trail, and sometimes the space to set up tent camp is limited.
Due to weather or conditions of the trail, high water levels or the movement of your companions, the itinerary sometimes needs to be adjusted in order to look after the safety of the hikers. An adventurous spirit and a flexible and open mind is a necessity when hiking the Great Himalaya Trail.