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Responsible tourism

Sherpa Heritage Trails and Responsible Tourism

We are Sherpa. Sustainability is in our DNA. The Himalayas, with its ethnic cultures and special natural habitat, is a heritage to each and every one of us. Throughout all our programs we endorse responsible tourism. Therefore we aim for small groups and big adventures.

Recommendations on responsible tourism:
-We encourage our travelers to encounter with the local community. We believe we can learn from each other’s culture. Therefore we ask you, in your interaction with locals to respect their culture and privacy.

– We discourage our travelers to hand out sweets, pens, balloons or other gifts to local children. This  encourages begging amongst children and their parents. Please donate your gifts to a local school. This will benefit more children as well as the local community.

– All our clients and staff travel locally CO2-emission free. We also encourage our clients to travel CO2-emissionfree from their home destinations.

-During every trekking, expedition or tour all staff is provided with a medical & med-evac insurance.

-We do not offer day tour helicopter flights or day tour mountain flights.

-If possible, we offer filtered drinking water instead of bottled water.

-We encourage all our clients to minimize their rubbish.

-During camping trek we use petroleum stoves or gas stoves for cooking.

-During camping trek we do not use open fire.

Sherpa Heritage Trails is connected with Tashi Delek foundation in The Netherlands. The foundation is supporting the local farmer community in the Solukhumbu region. The main focus is agricultural knowledge, water efficiency and practical education. With the support Tashi Delek would like to encourage self sufficiency of the local community, with the aim that, in future, financial aid is hardly required.

In 2018 the foundation started a new practical school project with high school students. With this education project the foundation wants to encourage young people to live and work in their home region. This instead of leaving Solukhumbu to the big cities or abroad for jobs.

For each booked client, Sherpa Heritage Trails donates €10,00 directly to the foundation.