Chitwan National Park 2/3/4 days

Chitwan National Park is located in the subtropical lowland of the Terai. The Terai is a vast expanse of forests and jungle, home to much of Nepal’s wildlife. Chitwan is the most accessible national park in the Terai. The park is home to at least 68 species of mammals. The Bengal tiger is the king of the jungle. The Terai is one of the best tiger habitats in the world.
Other mammals are wild boar, monkeys, leopards, countless deer and sloth beer. Chitwan houses a large population of sloth bears with approximately 225 individuals.
Chitwan is famous for its rhinos. The one-horned rhino was once almost extinct in Nepal, but after the National Park was established in 1973 the numbers grew again. Still, poaching poses a big threat to the population.
Apart from king cobra and rock python, 17 other species of snakes occur.
The jungle is home to more than 450 types of colourful and endangered birds. The animals concentrate in the dense forest and tall grasslands.
The park is drained by two major rivers, the Narayani and the Rapti. At the banks of the Rapti crocodiles slide through the Rapti River or sunbathe on the banks. The river is also home to the very rare freshwater Gangetic dolphins and occasionally they can be seen breaking the water.

Chitwan National Park has 6 premier jungle resorts spread within its borders. These remote resorts are the perfect place to experience the true safari atmosphere of the Terai. All jungle activities are just a step away, and there is always a chance to spot wildlife.
After breakfast you can enjoy adventure excursions that can take canoeing, the jungle looking for tigers, rhinos and other wildlife, or visit the elephant breeding centre.
It is also possible to join a village tour to a nearby Tharu village where you can learn more about the life and lifestyle of the Tharus.

You can book an arrangement for 2, 3 or 4 days. It is possible to visit Chitwan National park from both Kathmandu and Pokhara.

During the excursions, offered by our lodge, you can see wild animals from an appropriate distance in Chitwan National Park. During your visit to the NP, you will always be accompanied by an NP guide/ranger.

The lodge also offers excursions to sanctuaries where wildlife is held captive. The excursions to the sanctuary are in compliance with local and national law.

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General advice for visiting Chitwan NP

– Do keep distance at all times
– Do not touch or feed animals
– Do not touch plants or trees
– Do not scare wildlife
– Do not veer off recommended paths or roads
– Do not litter


Be aware of souvenirs which are made from forbidden animals or plants. It is forbidden to take such souvenirs out of Nepal and into your country. A list of examples of products and materials that are forbidden are:
– Ivory and products made of ivory
– Rhino horn and products made of rhino horn
– Skin or body parts of the red panda, musk deer, pangolins, the gavial, snakes and big cats
– Feathers or products made of protected birds such as our Danphe pheasanr. The national bird of Nepal

For more information and the full list of protected animals, check the Nepali cites list on DNPWC | Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation