Patan and Bhaktapur day tour

  • Duration: 1 days

  • Trip level: easy

  • Maximum altitude: 1200 m

  • Accommodation: —

  • Season: All year

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The Kathmandu Valley has always been a melting pot for various cultures, religions, and arts and crafts.

The valley has enveloped three glorious cities; Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. They were once independent states ruled by the Malla kings, who ruled the cities from the 12th to the 18th centuries. The kings decorated their individual kingdom with exotic craftsmanship and palaces. Back then, the mighty Mongol rulers would import craftsmen from the Kathmandu Valley to decorate their empire.

Compared to Kathmandu it’s quieter, less frenetic and more Buddhist. Patan is called the City of Arts because of its incredible wood carvings. But the residents of Patan call it Lalitpur; City of Beauty. Patan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features its own royal palace with its golden door and window. The Patan Durbar Square is not a big area, but it is a concentrated mass of temples. All symmetrically arranged in such a way that it doesn’t feel overcrowded. It displays the most stunning of Newari architecture to be seen in Nepal.


Bhaktapur, the City of Devotees, has many names and even more facets. Also called by the name of Bhadgaon, Khwopa and Khwopinggram in earlier days, this ancient Newar city is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once an independent kingdom this city features an incredible Durbar Square with its palace of 55 windows. The site is surrounded by many temples that feature exquisite stone carvings of animals and idols. From there, it is an opportunity to travel through the city to other religious squares filled with temples. Probably your final destination will be the impressive Nyatpole Temple Square.
Bhaktapur is known for its ceramics. The city still has an medieval atmosphere with its crooked houses, cobblestone roads, narrow alleys and traditional squares. The countryside starts directly outside the city walls. During the harvest period the whole Pottery square is dotted with rice. Drying in the sun.

Note: In April 2015 Nepal suffered a severe earthquake. The damage to the Durbar Squares in the valley was dramatically. Some temples were destroyed, others damaged. Still, most of its treasures survived the earthquake, or are being restored to its old glory. For some temples restoration work will take some years to complete.

09.00 AM             Pick up at hotel and start tour
05.00 PM             End tour and drop off hotel

Sherpa Heritage Trails shows you a starting price. During the trekking season prices may rise. The final price depends on the trekking season, group size and, if applicable, cost of local flight.

The starting price for Patan and Bhaktapur day tour is:
€ 95,00 per person ( party of 4 persons)
€ 115,00 per person ( party of 2 persons)

Cost include:
-Private taxi from hotel
-Certificate of CO2- emission free drive
-Licensed and certified city guide. Well experienced and English speaking
-All entrance fees
-Support of the Sherpa Heritage Trails head office in Kathmandu

Cost exclude:
-International flight to Kathmandu
-Nepal entrance visa
-Accommodation and all meals in Kathmandu
-All beverages
-Personal travel insurance
-Gratitude and tips for the guide